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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Place

This little lady invaded the big bird house at the edge of the deck and started a family before I realized what she'd done. I don't have the heart to evict her until the babies are on their own; then I'll remodel with a metal piece around the opening to return it to the birds (she enlarged it considerably). Lots of folks think of squirrels as flying rats but I rather enjoy some of their antics and it is natural to seek a safe place for your family.
I've been thinking of home and safe places today. Also things Australian. Last week a friend loaned me issues of Textile and Alison Schwabe posted about My Place, a traveling exhibit of contemporary art quilts by Australian, New Zeland, and South African artists. Last night I read about the passing of Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity and then saw the news of the raging fires, death and destrution in Australia.
It certainly makes one pause and take in the jumble that is life. There is such beauty in nature, creativity, and generousity at the same time there is death, destruction and evil.

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Gerrie said...

That is a first to me! Squirrels in a bird nest.