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Thursday, January 29, 2009


If this post had sound you'd hear me moaning in frustration. I've tried at least 5 times to get pictures in the right order. I finally took some away; I AM going to get better.....someday.

Even without techno issues it's been a rather crazy busy week. I spent part of it in a euphoric haze over the innaguaration. Unlike Rush (no I don't listen to him but couldn't miss the news of his antics) I HOPE OBAMA succeeds as it will mean AMERICA succeeds. I'm planning to increase my public involvement. I signed up at Starbucks for volunteering and so far I've done 2 pieces for Fiber Arts for a Cause auction; "Connnections" is below.

I got a big dose of inspiration over the weekend. The shaman above is the shadow of a work by Bill Worrell at the Denton Visual Arts Center. Friday night he was honored by VAST. It was a fun evening with Bill, Jay Boy Adams and others providing entertainment. I've loved his work since first seeing it in Santa Fe, NM, in the early '90's. I've long loved the images of early peoples of the world so it was interesting to hear his story of a "failed writing" expedition on the lower Pecos River about 30 years ago; he didn't get the story published but the trip gave him inspiration for his life's work.

Sat. and Monday evening I attended workshops and programs with Ginny Eckley. She is a wonderful artist who has lots to say about man's effect on the enviroment (you thought she just did pretty bird pictures?). She's also an accomplished and patient teacher. Here she is at the DAFA meeting teaching her silk screening technique. Thanks Ginny.


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Deborah Boschert said...

I love that new piece! Lovely shadow picture too. I can give you some advice about posting pictures, remind me next time we see each other.