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Monday, January 5, 2009

Past, Present, & Future

Present: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! I haven't posted lately because I was layed low with the hacking cough and other miseries of the cold/flu/allergy season (I could have been a tv commercial). I'm MUCH improved today and doubly thankful to have been well during our Christmas adventure (recent PAST).

The trip was wonderful, beautiful and exciting. There was more snow than I'd ever seen at one time and it was fun to be with Ashley, Frank, Elliott, and Celeste and Elliott's friends! Getting to Lake Tahoe from Reno on Christmas day was a scary start but the skies cleared the next morning and we had a marvelously memorable trip.

This Flying A is over a well restored station in Truckee but I'm taking it as a sign that we're supposed to return in the future (not too distant I hope). Ruben has promised to take us gold prospecting and that strikes me as a fun possibility.

Here's the family gathered together just before we left the last day.
As we left California the weather had warmed and you could see the river east of Truckee. I hope to see it again in '09.

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