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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I won't be posting for a while as I leave for Houston tomorrow for 10 days. I'm excited but also a bit anxious. I've spent most of my days these last few months working in solitude as my life turns in a new direction. Where to from here is not quiet clear. I feel the country and I are in similar transitions.

I always enjoy seeing where people create. Here is the view as you enter my "studio". Normally it's hard to see the floor for the layer of scraps. Yesterday I decided to clean and create a bit of order so that I can jump right in when I return. I know I'll be full of new inspiration.

I will work at Quilt Market, visit family & friends (I lived there 38 years), and hopefully take in the fabulousness of Festival without major shopping insanity (I joke that I could be locked up here for 20+ years and not run out of materials). That's Miss Meowgie standing guard at the foot of the machine. I think she knows I'm taking it with me.Several folk in northern climates have lately posted lovely pictures of fall colors. Here is the North Texas version. These giant Coreopsis burst forth in Oct. and are taking over the flower beds and gardens since first planted 4 years ago. All summer they look like weeds but now I know to look forward to cooler days and their warm yellow exuberance.

Monday, October 20, 2008


"Faces of Democracy"....Karl & I went to vote this morning (first day of early voting in Texas). Drawing these folks was part of my amusement as we waited in line about an hour. I couldn't help but wonder how these folks view themselves - "proAmerican" or "antiAmerican"? Who decides? When did having different views and opinions become criminal?

Having voted does make me feel better. Now to wait for Nov. 4th. The ranting will probably get worse before it gets better. It was good to hear Collin Powell yesterday speak with a voice of reason. I truly pray that the country can move in a new direction soon and we can all be just plain Americans.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special Days and Memories

Happy Birthday Elliott! Wish we could be in California with you to celebrate today. You are much loved, as you have been from the beginning; here you are with Dad and big sis, Ashley, back in 1980.
I always loved that Elliott had such a special bond with his Pawpaw, my dad Bo Ashley. Here they are with their afternoon catch from our pond back in '92. Elliott thought it was his pond because it was filled with fingerling fish on his 6th birthday in 1986. They were fed well and were good eating in turn.
There are lots of happy memories out there and it was good that Pawpaw enjoyed the pond thru this spring when this last shot was taken. Pawpaw left us on May 10th but will always be in our hearts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Karen's Wedding 081

That's me on the left and Kathy & Karl. Kathy & I have been friends since we were 10 years old. We missed having a celebration of our "Golden" anniversary last year due to flooding in Houston and her obligations caring for her folks. We're still planning on a girl's get away - soon I hope. I've very glad that we made the choice to stay friends all these years. And also Thanks, K for putting up with our silliness at times. It was my priveledge to make her dress for Karen's wedding and help with the flowers. Beautiful!

More Celebration

Karen's Wedding 076

Today is Ashley & Frank's 4th Anniversary. Love you guys. She's posted pictures on her blog from their happy day. Here they are celebrating on Sat. at Karen & Ken's reception.

What a Lovely day

Karen's Wedding 063
Originally uploaded by crazyfibers47
Last Satuday we gathered at Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin, Texas, to celebrate the marriage of Karen Abbott to Ken Bodden. It was a wonderful celebration of love and committment. Congratulations to Karen & Ken and their families.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday evening ramblings

Understanding how to post and arrange pictures and such will take me a while. Thankfully, Ashley helped get my title to a better size. I hope to post pictures of important people and inspirations but realized that I've been lax in taking shots lately. Next weekend we have a wedding in Austin so there should be opportunities for family pics.

Today I've been working in solitude. I tried to pretend it was fall in Texas but the hot, dry wind got the best of me and I opted for ac in the studio after cooking green chili pork stew. Karl's gone off to move equipment from last year's deer lease. He called to say he'd be late and it sounds like a Beverly Hillbilly load of stuff is being moved across the plain.

Hunting reminds me of my Dad. Here is part of small quilt I did this afternoon with a picture of him as a child. Next I'm going to do one of my Mom and then work thru Karl's folks too.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Moving forward

One of my goals of 2008 is to move my art out of the studio into the wider world. This is my first post toward sharing my inspirations and motivations for creating art.

Since I've been following a number of blogs that I admire, most especially my daughter Ashley, http://ashleyakers.blogspot.com/ it seems like a good choice to get started here.

I have been making art for 50+ years. I have taught for nearly 40 years. I love to sew and mix things up (finding bits of treasures all along the journey that some call junk and trash).

This is a bit scary and is taking more than a bit of bravery on my part so I hope you will be patient and come back to share