Observations on life & art and the inspirations I see around me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


To me September is as much New year as January. It's all those years of going to school; teaching school; and working with teachers I guess. Now that we are not tied to that schedule I love to get away in Sept. It didn't look like it was going to happen due to the house project but then we were blessed to have a the very generous sister & bil of a very special friend offer us their cabin in northern Colorado. Off we went and last week was a wonderful way to welcome fall and rest a bit for the changes to come on the house.  

Change #1 was certainly the cabin. It provided a bit more moving around space than the rv which I really enjoyed, even baking banana nut bread one day. We walked a good bit and enjoyed the varied views of meadows and mountains in the neighborhood and then drove various routes around Grand Lake & across Trailridge, the highway across Rocky Mountain National Park, to Estes Park. I "highly" recommend this as a vacation destination. 

The wildlife was a big entertainment except for my mistake of putting garbage out early and the bears getting into it (we didn't see them but the neighbor saw the signs). We did see moose, elk, deer, fox, eagles, hawks, mermots, and chipmunks. These creatures provideda good bit of our entertainment. 

Change #2 was the weather. It was 104 here the week before and Karl was exhausted from working in the heat. I spent most of that week inside recovering from respiratory gunk which, sadly, Karl now has. I loved being outside last week. The high temps were 60's & 70's and lows in the 20's & 30's. We even got to see snow on the mountains the last day and it has cooled off in Texas a bit too. I'm inspired to get out more here now.

A beautiful sunset and rainbow welcomed us back to Texas on Sunday and we got home yesterday. Karl jumped right into work on the house while I waited for the internet installer and got settled in to rv living again. I hope whatever changes come your way are good ones and you enjoy a lovely fall.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Georgia on My MInd

I've been under the weather with bronchitis this week but before the memories fade I want to share my recent adventure. I'd been feeling the need to get away from the Texas heat and a general sense of unrest. New Mexico is always a favorite destination for me.
I suggested a trip to Kathy and she jumped onboard my idea. We have been friends since we were 10 and given her health scare last year we decided to fly away for a fun time of laughing, learning, eating, shopping, sighing at the beauty all around and luxurating in the hot springs of Ojo Caliente. That last was the highlight/new discovery for me and a definite "return to" spot for future trips. 
Our first destination after we got our car at the airport was Madrid but we spotted this great fence even before there. I want to do something like this at the new house. The neighborhood is picky about structures (including fences) so I'll do it as a screen and call it ART. I'll welcome all help in collecting the bottles. 
This path outside a shop in Madrid made me smile as it reminded me to be open to the surprises of life. Kathy is an amazingly friendly lady so we met other friendly people with recommendations for great food, new vistas & adventures, and much more.
We started day 2 at Georgia O'Keeffe's house (no pictures allowed) in Abuquiu and then drove up to Ghost Ranch. Seeing the places Georgia loved was wonderful insight into her & her art. She was an Amazing woman.
In the afternoon we luxuriated at Ojo Caliente. I'd been wanting to go there for years and it's definitely on my return visit list. Wonderfully relaxing & healing & Very reasonable at $18.00 a day. There is a little B&B within walking distance where we want to book for next year.
I love  doors & gates. They keep you out and let you in and make you wonder what comes next. 
I hope what comes into each of our lives is beauty, love, friendship and humility to always marvel at our many blessings.