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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Missing in Action

This might be the longest I've gone without blogging since I started.  Thought I'd check in and let everyone know I'm alive and well.  Oct. has been a blur of activity.  Since I am traveling without computer (on a borrowed one now) I'm not putting up any pictures.  I'll share those later.  First big activity of Oct. was going to Houston with Ashley for Bayou City Art Fest - fun and a good show for her.

Leaving Karl back in Texas working on the house, Ashley and I flew to California 2 weeks ago.  It's been a busy trip and lots of fun being with Karlie who changed every day with more steps and new words.  We did a whirlwind trip to San Francisco over the weekend in addition to daily walks and reading sessions with Karlie and helping them move to a new house.  Ashley went home today but I'm here until next week.

Now Oct. is almost over and the Texas Rangers are playing San Francisco in the World Series - not too good tonight - maybe tomorrow will be better.  If it rains tomorrow I may go to Chico to explore the art and quilt shop scene.  Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween.

When I get back to Texas I'll be doing wedding flowers for a friend in Ft. Worth while lots of you are going to Houston.  Have fun and take lots of pictures.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In the back of my head I'd had the idea that anniversary of my blog was near but then I got busy and forgot to check.....Opps.  I started this 10-4  (can't help but think "good buddy" - something from my youth), 2008.  Here is a repost of my first entry. Not much has changed; I'm still working on Moving forward. The picture here is new.  A prickly reminder of where life is today.   

Moving forward

One of my goals of 2008 is to move my art out of the studio into the wider world. This is my first post toward sharing my inspirations and motivations for creating art.

Since I've been following a number of blogs that I admire, most especially my daughter Ashley, http://ashleyakers.blogspot.com/ it seems like a good choice to get started here.

I have been making art for 50+ years. I have taught for nearly 40 years. I love to sew and mix things up (finding bits of treasures all along the journey that some call junk and trash).

This is a bit scary and is taking more than a bit of bravery on my part so I hope you will be patient and come back to share

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boobie Alert

Taking the title from Cheryl of Ten Seconds Studio.  Be sure you get a mammogram every year and  in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month go over to  Ten Seconds Studio and buy raffle tickets on the niche canvas creations. I'm excited that my canvas is among the offerings (shown a few posts back).  You're supporting  breast cancer research and getting a chance to win some neat art.

Thank You Julia Cameron

Some years ago, at least 20, I read The Artist Way.  I never got a chance to work through it with a group but I remember that I thought it was helpful in my journey to being an artist.  I talked about it a lot until someone (an "artist" I respected)criticized it as "too 12 step".  I took that criticism to heart and didn't mention it much any more and dropped some of the good habits I was developing. 
I didn't know until I started reading The Sound of Paper in New Mexico last month that Julia was a recovering addict.  Now it makes sense; the 12 step aspect of AW is not only reasonable but very helpful and I owe her an appology and word of graditude. Reading SOP is helping me get some small glimmer of focus during a year of confusion, delay, and limbo.

I have the feeling that not many are reading my blog as they are tired of my whinning about "the move" that hasn't happened.  Every time I think it's almost here - the putting the house on the market - some other project jumps up.  I've never been known for my patience and now as fall has come to North Texas I want to yell "I'm tired of this test".  Yes, I know that won't do much good so I bumble along.

I do have some good news in the art dept.  "Detours I -Sign Posts" (above) was accepted into the annual Dallas Area Fiber Arts show as was "The Shape of Things to Come", #2 collaborative with Lu Peters.  The show opens on Nov. 5th at the Plano Art Center if you're in the area.  This weekend I will be in Houston with Ashley as she's exhibiting at Bayou City Art Fest.  I'm hoping the weather stays as beautiful as it's been the last few days here so come see us if you're down that way. 3rdly, Ashley & I will once again be showing (and hopefully selling) at Cherrywood Arts in Austin, Dec. 11 & 12. 

Now I'd better get busy on the house projects and art.