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Monday, September 28, 2009

Notes from Austin

The rain and hint of fall gave way to sunshine and heat once again. The mosquitoes are pretty bad so we're still mostly inside. While it was cool I did make a great stew & cornbread (I mentioned creative cooking last post).
I didn't get pictures of that as meal time for big people seems to coinside with fussy time for our little miss.
When not cuddling I've been crocheting. The hat and sweater are a bit big now so hopefully they will be just right for winter. I think I'll run out and use my Hobby Lobby coupon for more yarn.
Happy creating.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Irrestible Invitation

I've run off to Austin to be with Karlie and her mommy while Dad is out of town. It was an opportunity I couldn't resist. She is changing so quickly and knowing they may move away soon makes every chance to be with her extra special.

I'll be excited to see how much she's grown when we go to the Dr. on Friday. There's a big scare here about the flu and it even made the national news this evening; that and the rain will mostly keep us close to home. If I can find the right fabric I'll make curtain for the nursery while I'm here. I also brought a bag of silk swatches to be trimmed for scarves and bags. That's a good project when I'm not snuggling the little princess or taking pictures or crocheting caps. The weather change also makes me want to cook so I may express some creativity in the kitchen.
Yesterday Ashley came and photographed several of my quilts and other work. I sent off an entry to Art Quilt Elements and an application for a sale here in Austin in Dec. Ashley and I applied to that together to share a booth - her jewelry and my bags and scarves. Now to wait with fingers crossed and get busy sewing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balancing in the wind

I did this canvas last week at Studio Group. I'd missed the Aug. meeting as I was in Austin when Karlie came so I was playing catchup and got to see what most of the others had done. They are to be developed further but for now it was just plain fun to play Jackson Pollock and throw paint hither and yonder.
My life has been a bit like that lately. I hope I've been missed in blogland these last 2 weeks. I've been hobbling with a bum knee from falling (throwing myself over a stack of wood in the dark). Thankfully, I'm on the mend and there have been good things too. We traveled to Gruene and the Texas hill country with Ashley & Frank. We laughed with friends and family and spent a day of hugs and kisses with Karlie. K & I came home to a motor home presenting itself as a deal not to be missed (this was"supposed" to be "Later" in life) so we started the plan & work toward selling the house when the market gets better (hopefully next year). All that and we got rain and a hint of change toward fall and away from the horrid heat of summer.......
quiet a whirlwind and come to think of it this canvas could be a reminder to work on balancing in the winds of life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Here to There

As I said earlier today I'm sorting fabrics by categories. Small bits of silks and poly sheers go into my new fabric. Ashley said I should show what I do. I call this "reconstructed" fabric. It's mostly done with the Embellisher and then free motion quilted.

One of the finished products I make is a purse/pouch similar to the pattern Mellie Testa published in Quilting Arts magazine last year. I do also use it for postcards and as elements in quilts.

Now back to sorting.

Abundance of Riches & Retro Cuteness

If it's the day after Labor Day, it must be fall. I just wish it felt a bit more so. I stayed home over the long weekend while Karl went off hunting in East Texas with Elliott and friends and then detoured south to visit Karlie. He is definitely a smitten Grandfather.

I mostly made small steps toward new projects. Sept. is always like a new year for me so it's time to get busy from the summer lull. I broke down and got on Facebook (easier than I expected); that's where I'll see the most recent pics of Karlie and keep up with other family members too. Please be my friend if you're there.

Aren't these silk luscious? I am blessed with a angel at a decorating store who saves swatchbooks for me. These work since many of my projects are small and I get a huge variety at a tiny fraction of the cost of yardage. I take them apart during tv time so I discount that labor. Now I'm putting together "project" boxes - some for scarves with my dyed fabrics; a bullseye and a white quilt in my head; and the tinyest bits for collaged fabric. I also got in on Susan Lenz's felt give away that will be part of the collages.

I took time out for dinner with a girlfriend on Sat. evening and the opening of Cross Timbers Gallery. It is a great addition to our newest and nearest shopping area. They also do an inspiring studio tour in Nov. On Sunday I celebrated family with Ashley & Frank at the Cervantez reunion. Thanks guys, it was fun and, of course, the food was fabulous.

How is this for cuteness? The pattern is old enough that my mother probably used it and now it's a reissue. I made 2 pairs from a felted wool sweather; one is for Karlie and one for Lu's Meg. I hope they wear them with a smile.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A long time ago when I was young I spent lots of happy time with my cousin, Judy. Our mothers were sisters and made us dresses alike among other fun memories. The photo above (middle) was made at Easter 1952 on the steps of our Grandmother's house where I also lived with my parents. Tragicly, Aunt Peggy, Judy's mother died that fall and life changed dramatically for Judy and her baby sister, Cathy. My mother and grandmother were grief stricken in an age that didn't know how to deal with such tragedy so my life was impacted as well. Judy and Cathy came to live with us for a while until their father took them to east Texas. I don't think I ever forgave him for that. We grew up to live different lives but I will always feel that we are "Stitched Together" by memories and love. That is the title of the book I created some years ago using the old photo and other memorbilia of our common history.
Week before last Judy came to visit. It was a wonderful treat; it had been too long since we'd spent time together. I hope she had as much fun as I did. We had great fun laughing and playing and then on the last night we recreated our childhood pose with her sister's grandchildren, Julianne and Thomas, joining us for hugs. I hope they'll have great memories to hold on to in the years to come.