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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A long time ago when I was young I spent lots of happy time with my cousin, Judy. Our mothers were sisters and made us dresses alike among other fun memories. The photo above (middle) was made at Easter 1952 on the steps of our Grandmother's house where I also lived with my parents. Tragicly, Aunt Peggy, Judy's mother died that fall and life changed dramatically for Judy and her baby sister, Cathy. My mother and grandmother were grief stricken in an age that didn't know how to deal with such tragedy so my life was impacted as well. Judy and Cathy came to live with us for a while until their father took them to east Texas. I don't think I ever forgave him for that. We grew up to live different lives but I will always feel that we are "Stitched Together" by memories and love. That is the title of the book I created some years ago using the old photo and other memorbilia of our common history.
Week before last Judy came to visit. It was a wonderful treat; it had been too long since we'd spent time together. I hope she had as much fun as I did. We had great fun laughing and playing and then on the last night we recreated our childhood pose with her sister's grandchildren, Julianne and Thomas, joining us for hugs. I hope they'll have great memories to hold on to in the years to come.

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