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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Irrestible Invitation

I've run off to Austin to be with Karlie and her mommy while Dad is out of town. It was an opportunity I couldn't resist. She is changing so quickly and knowing they may move away soon makes every chance to be with her extra special.

I'll be excited to see how much she's grown when we go to the Dr. on Friday. There's a big scare here about the flu and it even made the national news this evening; that and the rain will mostly keep us close to home. If I can find the right fabric I'll make curtain for the nursery while I'm here. I also brought a bag of silk swatches to be trimmed for scarves and bags. That's a good project when I'm not snuggling the little princess or taking pictures or crocheting caps. The weather change also makes me want to cook so I may express some creativity in the kitchen.
Yesterday Ashley came and photographed several of my quilts and other work. I sent off an entry to Art Quilt Elements and an application for a sale here in Austin in Dec. Ashley and I applied to that together to share a booth - her jewelry and my bags and scarves. Now to wait with fingers crossed and get busy sewing.

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