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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abundance of Riches & Retro Cuteness

If it's the day after Labor Day, it must be fall. I just wish it felt a bit more so. I stayed home over the long weekend while Karl went off hunting in East Texas with Elliott and friends and then detoured south to visit Karlie. He is definitely a smitten Grandfather.

I mostly made small steps toward new projects. Sept. is always like a new year for me so it's time to get busy from the summer lull. I broke down and got on Facebook (easier than I expected); that's where I'll see the most recent pics of Karlie and keep up with other family members too. Please be my friend if you're there.

Aren't these silk luscious? I am blessed with a angel at a decorating store who saves swatchbooks for me. These work since many of my projects are small and I get a huge variety at a tiny fraction of the cost of yardage. I take them apart during tv time so I discount that labor. Now I'm putting together "project" boxes - some for scarves with my dyed fabrics; a bullseye and a white quilt in my head; and the tinyest bits for collaged fabric. I also got in on Susan Lenz's felt give away that will be part of the collages.

I took time out for dinner with a girlfriend on Sat. evening and the opening of Cross Timbers Gallery. It is a great addition to our newest and nearest shopping area. They also do an inspiring studio tour in Nov. On Sunday I celebrated family with Ashley & Frank at the Cervantez reunion. Thanks guys, it was fun and, of course, the food was fabulous.

How is this for cuteness? The pattern is old enough that my mother probably used it and now it's a reissue. I made 2 pairs from a felted wool sweather; one is for Karlie and one for Lu's Meg. I hope they wear them with a smile.

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Ashley said...

It sounds like you have been busy and inspired! Put pics of the material you made from the silk up. They are so pretty!