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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balancing in the wind

I did this canvas last week at Studio Group. I'd missed the Aug. meeting as I was in Austin when Karlie came so I was playing catchup and got to see what most of the others had done. They are to be developed further but for now it was just plain fun to play Jackson Pollock and throw paint hither and yonder.
My life has been a bit like that lately. I hope I've been missed in blogland these last 2 weeks. I've been hobbling with a bum knee from falling (throwing myself over a stack of wood in the dark). Thankfully, I'm on the mend and there have been good things too. We traveled to Gruene and the Texas hill country with Ashley & Frank. We laughed with friends and family and spent a day of hugs and kisses with Karlie. K & I came home to a motor home presenting itself as a deal not to be missed (this was"supposed" to be "Later" in life) so we started the plan & work toward selling the house when the market gets better (hopefully next year). All that and we got rain and a hint of change toward fall and away from the horrid heat of summer.......
quiet a whirlwind and come to think of it this canvas could be a reminder to work on balancing in the winds of life.


Gerrie said...

Love it!!

Connie said...

Thanks Gerrie. Hope Mr. C is recovering well.