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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ups & Downs

I am not sure anyone is still checking here as I've been so erratic lately with my blogging. Just when I think I have a good post in my head something comes along before I get to the computer and have pictures to go with it. I'm already thinking of the new year & hoping to do better. I'm also hoping the house sells but that's a story for another day. For now here's a bit of an update on what's going on in my life.

Fall finally came to Texas. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Ashley's Nov. 12th birthday. She and Frank did most of the cooking and she made not one but TWO wonderful cakes, chocolate with salted caramel filling and Tres Leches with berries - YUMMY. This was after a fajita taco bar.
In case you're thinking "lazy Mom", she wanted to do it. She loves to cook & we agree with her friends who think she could make cooking a 2nd career. We had the party here and also celebrated Elliott as we hadn't been together for his Oct. birthday. There were about 35 of their friends & lots of kids. I really enjoy that that they both have friends of long standing & we've been able to watch their children grow. Poppy was a huge hit with the younger guests with Karlie's new train. The next day a friend of Ashley's & Frank's came out and did some pictures of them and the whole family. I'm excited to see these as we've not had one of the 7 of us.

My work has been less well received lately. Both pieces I sent and Lu & my collaborative piece got rejected for the Texas Fiber Art Federation show in Feb. I know that rejection is always a possibility and I can't let it stop me from making art. I'm happy for DAFA friends who did get work accepted & look forward to the show & conference. If you are in Texas and interested in fiber art there is still lots of space to attend the

We spent the weekend in Wimberley. The temps were in the mid 80's and then dropped to the 40's by the time we got home last night. It's raining now which is GREAT.

We are loving having Karlie & her dad here for an extended visit (Mom comes on Wed.). I'm not getting to the sewing machine this week but I did get a new piece pinned up before they came. Here are a couple of possible arrangements.

The working title is "By the Numbers". I am currently addicted to the political discourse and need to express my frustrations in ways other than rants. Without going off on a tangent, I will say that I am not the "norm" that statistics say becomes more conservative with age. My plan is to get this done before the holidays so I can enter it into the Dallas Quilt show. I hope all my work for the next year is not this "DARK". Happily the family quilt mentioned in a recent post got finished and mailed and was well received.

Next week I'm going back to Austin to visit my friend who is having chemo and take her out for as much fun as she can handle during "the good week" before her next treatment. Thankfully the Dr. has said they will wait until Jan. to start radiation. I'm hopeful she'll feel well enough to really enjoy the first Christmas her grandson will be aware of all the excitement.

Wishing everyone a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving. If you aren't familiar with "Advent Conspiracy", please check it out and consider it as a way to share your holidays It's on You Tube; I tried to link but am techno inept & 2 year old distracted.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Back on What Inspires You

I am not a big fan of day light saving time either when it starts or ends each year. I don't like the sudden dark afternoons and wish they would leave nature alone. The end of Oct. does mark the beginning of the holiday season and Quilt Festival.

Like many of you, I have many wonderful Quilt Festival memories and love all the excitement of the exhibits & vendors. I have always left Houston full of inspiration so today I am thinking of friends who are heading in that direction to bask in much deserved kudos and sharing of creativity. Congratulations especially to Jules Rushing & Deborah Boschert. I wish everyone a great time & hope to see & hear reports soon.

Travel to Houston wasn't in the cards for me this year so I'm focusing on recovery from an exciting Halloween weekend with my favorite munchkin and organizing for sewing & creativity on the home front. However you spend the coming weekend I hope that the fall back is a gentle boost to your creative spirit.