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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thanks for the Memories

As I've been packing lots of little things have triggered memories large & small. I am so very thankful for the many recollections of family & friends gathering here over the years. I hope the new
 family build  many of their own.

Checking through files today I came across these small quilts that I did for the Alzheimer's Priority Art Quilt Project. Dallas Area Fiber Artists did this as our annual service project and it was so well received that it will be repeated yearly. I hope my small contribution helps this worthy project. If you are interested in helping check out

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Small Stuff

This is the corner of our driveway marked when it was poured in the fall of 1986 as we were building this house. We moved in on Friday, March 13, 1987. Sorry it's upside down but after several tries I'm giving up on getting it right and "going with the flow".  "Go with the flo" is the best advise I can come up for myself right now. I'm thinking "normal" won't be part of my vocabulary for a while to come. 

I haven't posted in a while because I've been holding my breath and afraid to say "it" outloud. We SOLD the house in Argyle! The contengency on the contract ended yesterday so if all goes on schedule we'll be moving into the rv by the end of the month. Where it will be parked for a while is still in question. Once we get started on the new place it will be on the property. I'll give updates as the new place comes along.

We've been here 25 years so this is a very big step. Yes, we started packing last year when we listed the house but there is still lots to go through & the small stuff seems to take a disproportionate amount of time. "Up to my eye in alligators" as my mother would say - piles of office, library, sewing "stuff" all around the room as I write this. How do 2 (or even 4) people accumulate so many pencils, pens, papers and misc. minusma. What do you do with it all if you're adverse to throw it away? If there's something you want ask now or we might not find it for a while.  

Ashley wrote a blog post the other day about my pottery which made me realize I'd rather see it being used in her home than packed away. I've got other dishes and this is a reminder to make way for new things. As a sentimentalist, I'm going very slowly at processing my way through the last little bits of my life in this house. A friend posted this video on facebook earlier today. It made me cry a bit as I realized what a major part of my life's journey has been lived here. It also reminded me to take a deep breath and enjoy the view as the journey continues.

Hope you take time to smell the roses and don't forget to enjoy the BIG moon tonight.