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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday evening ramblings

Understanding how to post and arrange pictures and such will take me a while. Thankfully, Ashley helped get my title to a better size. I hope to post pictures of important people and inspirations but realized that I've been lax in taking shots lately. Next weekend we have a wedding in Austin so there should be opportunities for family pics.

Today I've been working in solitude. I tried to pretend it was fall in Texas but the hot, dry wind got the best of me and I opted for ac in the studio after cooking green chili pork stew. Karl's gone off to move equipment from last year's deer lease. He called to say he'd be late and it sounds like a Beverly Hillbilly load of stuff is being moved across the plain.

Hunting reminds me of my Dad. Here is part of small quilt I did this afternoon with a picture of him as a child. Next I'm going to do one of my Mom and then work thru Karl's folks too.

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