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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Up-Down.....all around

Up-down; in-out; forward-backward; ebb-flow.... the stuff of daily life? Last night we had scary storms. Today was bright and beautiful.
I'm thinking of what goes on when you're trying to be routinely creative but accomplish only bits and pieces, not big finishes. Sometime it's the hour plus on the phone with "remote tech service".....
These fabrics, dyed, discharged and dyed again over the last few days seems symbolic of where I'm at lately. On the left is background for a collaborative quilt about Galveston - yes, muddy is intentional. The red/green is a scarf that I tied up and threw into the discharge pot; it was red and discharged to green; good color but wish there was more pattern. It might get another dip - "next time". The lime/yellow was overdyed with turquoise but came out too dark so it got discharged. That went too far so it got another shot of Y. With that I decided that I'd best stop; it's on step 2 of a 5 step Round Robin so I mailed it on it's way.

I started the year with high hopes of spending my time well; being balanced and productive. Now I need to step back and regroup, see what I'm doing wrong; put a schedule in writing and stick to it. Stop being the "lucy goosey" I've been of late. It's far too easy to drift thru the day and then wonder at the end where it all went and for what purpose? I know what I want to do - MAKE ART!
That's my rant for the evening. I'd better do dinner so I can eat chocolate with fewer feelings of guilt; maybe I'll escape to the bookstore.

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