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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Nigth Fun

Some of us are easier to entertain than others. Surfing around the web this evening while watching tv, I found Sproost. There's a test here to identify your decorating style. It says I'm 38% Rustic Revival; 38% Southwestern; and 24 % Montain Lodge. That wasn't really much of a surprise. They didn't show any thing I loved and I could have ranked a few higher than okay based on their lightness but didn't go back to revive but did it very spontaneously. This is a another way to see how well you know yourself. If you're thinking of doing any decorating or redecorating it could help clarify your vision.

I wanted to do the Celebrity look alike on myheritage.com but don't have any pictures of me on this computer. I'll save that for another veggie evening. Have a fun weekend.

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Elin said...

That was a fun time waster. I'm 83% contemporary and 17% vintage modern.