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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miss Me?

I hope so. Hard to believe it's been over a week since I last posted. I've found that I like blogging and it helps me focus on art but the last 10 days was been anything but focused. First K&I ran off to Austin for a quick visit. We got to see the first video sonogram of grandchild #1 - exciting and fun. On the 23rd I had the embarrassing experience of getting a nasty bug right in the middle of teaching a class. The students were wonderful and carried on quiet well. I'm sorry that my pictures of their work came out about as fuzzy as my head. The blurriness of head and body lasted several more days.

Happily, the next time I looked out spring was on it's way to Texas and I recovered sufficiently for a trip with 3 girlfriends trip to Karey Bresehan's Creativity Center in La Grange. She hosted an open house for Virginia Spiegel and Carol Moore who had been there during Feb. making fabulous fiber art. The day was wonderful. Virginia Spiegel has great posts on her blog about the work she did and Kay Sorensen, among others, has great posts about the day. Karey was a generous and gracious hostess and it was a picture perfect spring day; unfortunately I didn't get good pictures. It was also fun to meet many fellow art quilters from quiltart list and I hope there's another such happening next year.
The "4 fast friends" finished off the trip with dinner & PIE at Royers Friday evening; a sleep over at a fun little B&B near Round Top and a visit to Antique Rose Emporium before heading home on Sat. We packed in a good bit of inspiration and are already talking about future adventures together.
Now I'd better take that inspiration to the sewing machine to have some work of my own to share.


Gerrie said...

OK! Next year I am coming down and going with you!! I feel so left out - boo hoo. Wasn't Virginia's fabric spectacular?

Ashley said...

I like the picture of you four! Wish you did have more though.

Jo said...

I'm totally consumed with envy (yet again)! I'm with Gerrie...let us know and we'll all go! I can hardly wait to hear all about it.