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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cool rain, warm tea, and finished project

It's been a good day. The wisteria is blooming. It's one of my favorite signs of spring. Sadly mine has never bloomed in 8 or so years. I will settle for enjoying the neighbors as I come and go. We're having rain, very much needed rain. Happily I got in and out of the store buying needles (broke lots yesterday in my hurried free motion work) and made it home in time to push the pot plants off the porch for a shower. Now I'm enjoying hot tea & honey as I update my post project to-do list. First up will be cleaning the studio from "project neglect". I like to restore a bit of order before jumping into the next big idea. I've got Studio Group coming Tues. to make charms so that will be a deadline of sorts.
About the tea.... I read last night honey is good for sinusitus so try it if you're prone to spring allergies. With a bit of extra lemon to conter the sweetness it taste good too and is nice to warm you from being rained on.

This morning I finished the largest art quilt I've done in a long while, "Galveston Memories". During April it will be in "Merging Visions", a show of work done by poets from the Denton Poet's Assembly and VAST. The show will be at 2 branches of the Denton Library.
I did this as a response to Jan's Spence's poem, "Empty Chair at Galveston Bay" I should get her permission to post the poem with the quilt but I don't have contact information right now. I am pleased with my work and happy that it's finished on time.
I was a bit worried when I got sick last week and in my hurry yesterday I sewed thru my left index finger. Warning: it's probably not as bad if you don't jerk from the needle as it is when it tears. Luckily no blood on the quilt. We should all appreciate how useful index fingers are to tying knots.

This work is about my Dad and his lifelong of the water and fishing. I used Lesley Riley's TAP for the picture of Dad and me and also the chair. There are, of course, areas I'd have liked to done differently; I hope I can always find room for improvement in my work while enjoying the satisfaction of doing my best in the moment.

I shared it earlier today with the Sanger Lion's club to promote the exhibit. They were a very gentlemenly audience and served a yummy lunch.
We'll end the day with gumbo from the freezer. It fits the theme of the day.


Anonymous said...

I miss Texas and your photos and story just make it more so. I love these pieces. I'm glad to hear that you used Leslie's paper, I have been debating trying it. How large are the photos? That's one thing I personally don't like about photo transfers because I always want them larger. I really like your work.

Suzanne said...

Congrats on getting this done, connie. it looks great!

Gloria said...

Galveston Memories is great. Love the soft colors and peaceful feeling it has about it.