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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday thoughts

The week started well and I was excited that friends were coming to play and make art on Tues. and Wed. I enjoyed the company but sadly I got hit by the kind of spring fever no one wants. By Tues. evening I was a pretty pitiful hostess with drippy nose, sneezing, & coughing. I think everyone else enjoyed the break from routine and I was happy to provide space for creating.
Three of the guests were teachers on spring break; I remember the need for self endulgence mid semester. Jane shared her collage techniques with Shari and Brenda spent most of her time outside drawing - after preparing an amazing breakfast of Huevos Rancheros. I didn't get a shot of her drawings but she had a willing model in Mr. Cokaroo. He seemed to know that spring was coming.
I went to the Dr. yesterday; it's bronchitis. 2 shots and 3 prescriptions should head me back toward health. I hope so; I want to be in the garden tomorrow with Ashley. I've spent today catching up on emails and writing class proposals for a new venue, www.meccaonmain. I'm excited to be considered for this.
One of the things I really did enjoy this week was sharing ideas with friends and being reminded that friendships are a vital part of my life. For me friends help me to understand myself and I believe it's important, especially as artists, to know ourselves. Susie Monday has an interesting post on her blog on this. I'll get back to later. Now I need to get busy quilting. Galveston is due Wed.

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