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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

Appologies to The Mamas & the Papas - I'm not "crying all the time" but Mondays do have a certain tone. Rather than creative time, today's mostly been straightening up various piles on desk and table and making sense of things I hadn't kept up with lately, especially mixups on appts.
I've been feeling musically nostalgic since watching a PBS show the other night about Peter, Paul & Mary. I was glad to see Mary as I'd heard last year that she was really sick. They and M&P were important to me "back then" - hs & college. I'm listening to PP&M on http://www.pandora.com/ as I write. On quiltart list last week someone asked the question, "what do you listen to while making art?" Mostly I'm on "QUIET"; think it was all those years of teaching - I'm still making up for the excessive noise of adolesents.
Happily, the sun's out. If not at the sewing machine I like to be outside when the weather is nice. I can hear the birds celebrating; we got some much needed rain last week and the trees are about to burst out. Yesterday, we got a nice bit of outside time with Ashley and cousins.
Another note of celebration: Lu Peters and I won honorable mention at the Dallas Quilt Show for Urban Reflection. That's nice encouragement for us to keep working together and for me to get busy on other projects.


Gerrie said...

Congrats!! It is a great piece. I feel the same way about Mondays, especially when they are rainy.

Connie said...

Thanks, Gerrie. Lu and I work very differently but this was a wonderful experience of shared vision.