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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Bright Day

When Ashley was a little girl she had a book called "One Bright Day" which we just about memorized. It could have been written about today. It's beautiful out and I've had trouble keeping focused on the work I have to do - samples for Monday's workshop on fabric books for elementary art teachers.
These are not the samples. On the left are some of the small quilts I've been doing with my dyed silks & fabrics created with the embellisher. Don't the colors say spring? On the right is my leaf for International Fiber Art Collaborative.

I'm noticing an inclination toward nostalgia as the days hint of changing seasons. A current quiltart list discussion on early inspirations takes me back to 1975. That's when I made my first quilt of Karl's old jeans and assorted calicos. It was an ABC quilt for Ashley who was to be born that Nov. My inspiration was Jean Ray Laury's book but the drawings were my own. I'm also remembering mentors, projects, and experiences of that time as I'm thinking ahead to a quilt for grandchild #1, due this August. I might just go back to some of those old fabrics and ideas.

Now back to those samples.....

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Ashley said...

That was a sweet post. It brought tears to my eyes. You are both going to be GREAT grandparents!