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Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspirations, Learning, Teaching

This is what late winter looked like this week in Argyle. On Monday, Terry Grant blogged about following the creek that runs thru her yard and finding surprises. Her images were lovely and inspired me to walk around my own place. It was a good experience; "seeing with new eyes". The camera frame offers interesting lessons in design and some new ideas for art.

I do hope I never stop learning new things. Ashley held my hand this morning thru Mosiac in flickr. That was fun once I got over the fear of trying some thing new. While I was playing I also found "Warholizing". I did a "Warhol" of our great nephew, Mitchell, from his first birthday in July. I'll share it with his folks and get some new pics of him and his brother when we see them this weekend. I can see lots of design possibilites in that, especially Grandchild projects. Oh, I'm going to be a dangerous Grammy with a camera.
It feels good too that my samples are finally coming together for Monday's workshops. I guess it was the allergies earlier in the week but I just felt so frustrated about that and the Galveston quilt. What I have isn't perfect but I'm letting go of that concept more every day.
The photos in the little accordian book and the safety pins are ink jet transfers. I did some of the Galveston images with Lesley Riley's TAP (not shown) and am pleased with how they are working. The red fabric with dots is some I had overdyed and then yesterday I "Deborahized" it with Luminere and Golden Acrylics. D is a master at sequin waste stencil among other talents.
I just can't imagine teaching without inspiration and learning.
Off the charge the camera batteries before I forget.


Ashley said...

Yay, you figured it out! I like those shots from around the house.

Terry Grant said...

Beautiful images!