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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Hearts & Pass the Love

Today was another example of the "up/down" roller coaster of life. Yesterday was WONDERFUL, I'll come back to that to end on a happy note. UP- started out to go off early with Karl on an adventure. He'd invited me last night and I was excited enough to get up early (remember I am NOT a morning person). We got to the end of the street - the the phone repair man was stopped at the corner; YIKES - memory jog! He's due at our house; U turn and Karl dropped me off back home and went on his way. DOWN The repair adventure took about an hour & half. He replaced a part on the roof that fixed the upstairs tv UP. The cell phone router (from another company) not doing what we paid extra for is still an issue even after I spent another hour or so "troobleshooting" DOWN. I really wanted to shoot the whole thing.
I restrained myself and went down to dye more fabrics for Galveston quilt. I threw in a few other odds and ends including a 1982 quilt that I want to "revisit". It was so faded it can't get worse. UP
DOWN Increasing nasal congestion & aches in the afternoon. I'm trying Zycam, positive thoughts, and warm tea. I'll go to bed early as I've got an early meeting in Dallas and then need to pick Ashley up in Ft. Worth. I'm looking to the yarn dyeing workshop we're taking on Sunday. UP
Figuring everyone will be busy with the Big Heart weekend I'll say Happy Valentine's Day now. Hope you are feeling loved and pass it on. Around here we've already been indulging in chocolate and enjoying daisys (my fav since before I carried them in our wedding, 1-5-68). We got those free on Sunday with a Central Market coupon so I'm giving K a donation to the Red Cross for the fire victims in Australia. He's got a big heart so he'll appreciate that. Please do whatever you can for those in need anywhere. It's an UP feeling for sure.
And to end on an UP, yesterday was wonderful. "Wonders" day (what the studio group is calling ourselves) got together at Suzanne's for felting. She's a fab hostess, great teacher, and if you need supplies for nuno felting her silks are luscious. As usual there were lots of laughs, yummy food, great sharing, and a generally inspiring time. I'd really encourage everyone to find a group to meet with regularly; it's marvelously motivating. We missed Sara & Michelle and they missed a fun project of small felted hearts and boxes to put them in. The pic is works in progress; notice the Truffles - that was Lu's decadent contribution. UP
One last thing, I want to brag on Deborah. She's not only a very talented artist, writer, and gracious friend, she is extraordinarily generous with her time & talents. Check out her blog tp see a small part of the wonderful project of 5 quilts she's doing with 4th graders at her children's school. I'm a super fan of art building community and this is a beautiful example. Way to go girl. Hope everyone has an UP weekend.

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Ashley said...

Ack, you can't be sick! I hope you feel better in time for our workshop. Happy valentines. xoxo