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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something to show.....

I've been busy, busy, busy at the sewing machine.  I've quilted the begessus out of the collaborative piece that Lu and I started last fall.  I'd let it mellow out on the design wall for months and then got in gear last week to get going again.  It's not ready to be unveiled yet but I do have some other work to show.  Taking the lead from a friend I've done some small pieces.  The almost instant gratification (some elements have been around for a while) feels good.  The 2 midle pieces are mounted on 5" canvases. The yellow Windows and the new Tide Pool are each 11"x11".  

Ashley got these 4 and another listed for me today on Etsy and linked to my Etsy page to Facebook.  I'm hopeful that will get more traffic. I've been feeling a bit lonely lately thinking no one notices what I'm doing.  Making art is primarily for me and my own satisfaction but it's also saying something that I hope others hear.

In between sorting & cleaning duties Ashley has been busy making new spring clothes so we've had the  dueling sewing machines going.  I'm hopeful we'll have these sessions regularly even when we're living hours apart.  It will be some thing we'll have to schedule and make happen. 

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