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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stepping Up

I found these boots at Target and figured they are just what I needed to stomp around the property as we work toward building.  Karl thinks I'll need leather work boots when it gets warmer but I couldn't resist the fun of these and was glad to have them yesterday after heavy rains over night and cold blustery winds as we worked.
Here I've put my foot up on a rock about 2' high.  It is representative of what is on a good portion of the property. I love them.

This week I'm stepping up and out in another way.  I've been invited to share my Art Saves story on Crescendoh.com.  Please visit.

These little cactus are also abundant on the property.  Aren't they cute?  Yes, I know, we'll have to be careful, especially with children.  There are hazards in nature as in life - scorpions, snakes, chiggers, all kind of critters we all need to learn to respect and enjoy. 

Hard to tell  but this is a large oak fighting it's way up through the rocks.  Growing big and strong is not an easy task.

And speaking of growing big.  Karlie is 7 months old today.  So many changes in such a short time. 

As I write this I'm watching the House debate on health care reform.  I pray that we move forward and pass this reform for her and others.

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