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Friday, March 5, 2010


It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Between trips to Austin & San Marcos, I've continued the organizing of what I want to move.  Every box in the studio has been examined and labeled. It's hard to say how much as been edited out but I'd guess about 1/3  Lots of great stuff will be looking for a home with someone else and I'll certainly announce the sale when the time gets closer.  
As another move to get things to new homes, Ashley has helped me photo and list items on Etsy.  The spring green scarf isn't there but I hope to get some of this type there soon.  Today I was selected in my first treasury by msbelle - my small pink book.  That's exciting to me.  
We're enjoying company for the weekend and we went to see Crazy Heart on Ashley's recommendation.  We all agreed that it is a great movie and hope Jeff Bridges wins the Academy Award. I hope to get back to the studio early in the week and have new art to show soon.

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