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Monday, March 15, 2010

Changes - Time, Season, Growth, Attitude.

It's nice to be missed.  A friend told me Friday I wasn't blogging enough lately.  Partly I figured there's only so much anyone wants to hear about packing boxes; the other reason is that I've felt really crumby.  I won't dwell on the negative but imagine going down a long, dark, spiraling tunnel.  I will offer a warning: If you're taking Statin medication for high cholesterol, PAY ATTENTION to changes in how you feel.  I took myself off the meds on Friday after an epithany moment Thurs. night and considerable online research.  I feel better already but don't know what to expect next.  I see the prescribing Dr. this afternoon and may have another change in that area.

On a brighter note, I'm thrilled that spring is coming.  It will take me a couple of weeks to get used to the new time but I love the brightness of the light and the trees ready to burst into green.  I was amazed to see the flowering trees driving to Dallas Friday and noticed little things in the yard over the weekend, including how much better it looked after Ashley, Frank & I worked a few hours Sat. Yesterday there were 5 Cardinals and a Jay fussing at the feeder....Birdfood is on my list today. 

I hadn't been out and about much lately so Friday was a welcome excursion.  The Dallas Quilt Show is a spring highlight every year and I was not disappointed.  I probably would not have gone if not commited to sit as a volunteer for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists special exhibit.  Isn't it interesting that obligations met can give us just what we need? The DAFA exhibit was a beautiful selection of work. 

The small piece top left was in another special exhibit called "12 Square Inches" sponsored by the "Twisted Stitchers" group.  I was included at the invitation of Deborah Boschert.  I feel honored to be in such great company. 

The Tulip piece got finished on Thurs.  It is for an exhibit sponsored by the Visual Arts Society of Texas called "Merging Visions".  This will go with a poem titled "Tulip as Role Model" by J. Paul Holcomb of the Denton Poet's Society.  The show will hang in Denton libraries during April. 

I'm hoping that all the changes in the air will include renewed creative energy and I'll have more art to show in the weeks to come.


Tonya Littmann said...

Beautiful quilt! I can't wait to study all that texture in detail.
Happy Spring!

Connie said...

Thanks Tonya, Happy spring to you too.

Gisela Towner said...

It's a wonderful piece! The format works really well

Amy said...

Beautiful piece, I really like the texture of the soil.

Carole said...

What an beautiful and inspirational piece! I have book marked your blog, so like others hope you post often.. sorry to hear the Statins have had that effect on you. They use a bell curve on these and some of us are not on the bell but on the ends.. take best care and love your work.