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Friday, January 8, 2010


For most of the last 3 days I've been snuggled under this blanket with Miss Meowgie on my feet. Partly it's the weather (VERY cold) but also I've come down with a bug -aching, no voice and yucky cough. Karl has been especially sweet taking care of me with soup and other treats. He's got a crock pot of chili going for tomorrow....cooking nice and slow.

All this slowness is giving me opportunity to think about the changes ahead and how I need to best deal with them. Some things will require that I act and others will require that I be patient and calm, not my strongest traits. Hours of web surfing has given me lots of inspiration for new art even if my head isn't clear enough right now to make real decisions.

I've been thinking for some time about doing more hand sewing. Some of the inspiration comes from Susan Lenz 's Grave Rubbing quilts and Jude Hill. I even dyed threads in the fall toward that purpose but sadly they've disappeared. I'll have to believe they'll reappear in the future and for now I've got an inherited collection of floss. Stitching seems like a nice slow & calm balance to the craziness ahead.

A review of '09 pictures has me thinking about a series called "seeds of change". Check back to see what develops. Slowly...............

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jude said...

hey, thanks for the mention, and good luck with your slow stitching.