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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hope in the face of loss

For most of last week and some of this I have not felt well. I think my original malady morphed into seasonal allergies accounting for the sniffles, sneezes, headache that have turned me into a bit of a zombie. I'm hoping I'll feel better with the weather change expected this weekend. I know I'll feel better seeing Karlie. Any problems and worries I have are minescule in the face of the tragedy that has unfolded this week in Haiti.

The last 2 days remind me of the images of Katrina. Once again I am reminded of how richly blessed I am. I have a life filled with hope; I have a life of luxury compared to standards of much of the world. My circumstances are far removed from those of the citizens of Haiti. I can hardly imagine theirs. They had little in their lives before the earthquake and now the horrors they face are overwhelming.

I believe in hope. I believe there is power in each small action, donation, volunteer effort. I urge everyone to do what small thing they can to bring hope in the face of this loss.

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Suzanne said...

Thanks for writing this Connie. I agree, anything we do, however large or small, has an impact -- it is so easy to feel overwhelmed by such a large tragedy.