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Friday, January 22, 2010

LIfe Interupted

I never saw the movie Girl Interrupted but I'm having the feeling that I'm in a version of Life Interrupted and it's going to be a long running show.  Thankfully there was a midweek intermission which I'll describe later.

Ashley came up for 4 days this week and we sorted, purged, cleared out, and cleaned.  We concentrated on art supplies and books. We haven't even touched fabrics so there will be many more days like these.  Ashley is quiet the taskmaster (did I train her too well?); she threatened to recommend me to "Hoarders" if I didn't stay with the job.  If this sounds like complaining it's the exhaustion talking.  I really do appreciate the focused direction.  She has several big shows in he spring so we're doing this while she has some flex time and I'm thinking it will give me a good work environment when I can get back to making art between now and the move time.  Thanks kiddo.

The intermission mentioned above was an outing for Deborah's 40th birthday.  Six of us met at an elegant new eatery in Dallas, Samar by Stephen Pile.  The celebration was to honor her but we all enjoyed the experience.

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