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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Milestone & Moving Forward

January 5, 1968 - a life time ago. Today is our 42nd anniversary. Karl was enlisted in the navy back then so his hat was different. I won't say much about the grey and weight we've both added over the years but I'm glad we're still mostly smiling. This picture was Christmas day. Ashley & Frank gave him the Captain's hat to wear while he's guiding the "land yacht" down the road as we head off on our new adventure.

It was tough for me today to share our big news with the Studio Group. We're moving. We found land in San Marcos during the holidays and will head south after 25 years in north Texas. I hope we can sell the house and get our new base build within the year. There's lots of work to do. These beautiful trees will be in our front yard. I'm thinking our lives and the brambles here are very similar - lots to clear and clean as we downsize for the journey.

If I think about the year ahead for too long I get overwhelmed and want to run screaming into the night. I've been the one wanting to move for some time and now that it's a reality it's more than I can grasp. On one hand it's very exciting and on another it's scary and sad. We built this house; we raised our children here; we spent 23 Christmases here. All the planning, sorting; packing; and making choices will be hard work. It will interfere with my art making not to mention require me to do major deacquisition.

The quiltart list has been discussing a "word for the year" and I think I've picked "Choice". There will be lots to make this year - big and small and I hope we get them right. Wish us luck and smooth sailing as our adventure begins in 2010


Gerrie said...

Been there, done that and I know how you are feeling. I am so happy to be where I am, right now. I know the year ahead seems overwhelming, but just take it a day at a time and remember to breath. What a great adventure.

Suzanne said...

Connie, we will miss you so much...I know it is a relief to have made a decision though.