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Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Weekend

The Passion Vine is one of the few things holding up in the heat around here and even it's flowers seek shade. It always reminds me of something from outer space or for this weekend, the latest in pyrotechnics. Hope you find a good show to celebrate Independence Day.
My current #1 VERY IMPORTANT project just hit a milestone. I can't show it yet as it's a surprise for my first grandchild and will be presented at a shower on July 18th. I briefly cheered for my progress and then got hit with the reality of faulty planning.

I need supplies to be finished by the deadline. There's lots going on between now and then. Ashley will be here tonight and tomorrow so we can finish project #2 (silk dress for her to wear to a wedding on the 11th); there's another shower next weekend requiring some prep; and company will be staying here for the following weekend who will need meals, etc.

YIKES, to avoid major panic I have no choice but to go out, heat be damned. I did steel myself with a bit of armchair travel, enjoying Gloria Hansen's beautiful pictures of Yosemite and Tonya Littman's of Colorado and made note of an art show, featuring my friend Jane Ruestmann to see next week.

I'm off to the fabric store. I'll spend most of my weekend inside with the ac and hope I remember to be thankful to whoever came up with such an important invention for Texas. Whatever your weekend holds and whatever the weather, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.


Julie Bagamary said...

What an AMAZING plant!

Unknown said...

So happy to be an inspiration of cool. When and where is Jane's show. I'd like to see it. Oxide perhaps?

Ashley said...

Tonya, it is at the visual arts center. Here is the info: