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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Weekend of Inspiration

On Friday after spending 4 days in HOT Austin with Ashley and Celeste (reported beautifully on Ashley's blog on Monday 6/29), Lu Peters and Brenda Wyatt picked me up to venture southwest to Susie Monday's . It was an adventure just getting there; neither of my traveling companions had ever been to this region of Texas that I have long loved so I enjoyed that sharing. It has definitely changed (population growth) since I'd last been thru Bourne toward Pipe Creek.
The whole weekend was creative and inspiring to be sure. Susie's studio is "El Cielo", (el c-eh-lo) in Spanish means "the sky" or "the heavens." You can see why it's so named when you turn thru the gates. I share
Susie's love of Our Lady figures and smiled at these in the front hall, her fiber creations and a beautiful plate which I presume is from Mexico.
Our focus for the weekend was design and printing. We did lots of Notan (Japanese inspired black/white designs) and other forms of cut paper as well as sun printing and silk screening. Somehow I didn't photograph my own work but this is Brenda's tree, one of my favorites.
Beside creative instruction & inspiration, we had WONDERFUL food & the fellowship of pleasant company. Here's the class group: Lauri Smith Panova, Moi, Marlene Watts, Susie, Robin Early, Brenda Wyatt, and Lu Peters. Linda Cuellar took the picture and was a lovely hostess.
Morning and evening views ....a wonderful place to be and learn. I hope to return again and encourage others to take Susie's classes. Gracias S&L.

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Ashley said...

Wow, what is that observation deck looking thing? It looks awesome! I was just wishing I was on the Frio yesterday. It has been too long since I've been to the Hill Country.