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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebration - a wonderful day with friends

Yesterday was an absolute delight. My dear friends, Lu (in pink) and Michelle (in pale flowers) hosted a fabulous shower for Celeste. That's me, the very proud first time granny-to-be, in blue. The whole afternoon was beautiful in every way. I certainly am blessed to have such loving and generous friends. After a delicious lunch, Celeste opened a bounty of gifts both beautiful and practical. One of the highlights was this crocheted afgan from Auntie Ashley. She dyed the yarns with Kool Aide and this arty crowd wants a workshop in the technique.
I should have gotten closer to get a shot of the darling Origami butterflys in the flowers. Michelle created these and they were on each invitation as well. We saved them for BAP's scrapbook. (I'm calling her BAP for "Baby Akers Perez" as her name is not yet certain).
I could hardly sit still for my excitement. Les has about 6 weeks to go before BAP makes her debut and I promise she will be a very stylish little lady with wonderful toys and books, thanks to many gifts.

Here is the BIG project of my summer. I hope BAP will feel the love I sewed into every stitch. It was the first of many such projects I look forward to making for her and the other grands I hope will follow.


Gerrie said...

So excited for you!

Deborah Boschert said...

I agree! It was a great day. I have more pix of the origami butterflies. I'll send you some.