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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happily Fini!

Ashley's new dress that is.....

Didn't it turn out lovely? The color is luscious, more like the detail shot than the full view, and the fit is nice. Added bonus is it's comfortable. It took most of yesterday to finish but it's ready for Ashley to wear on Sat. to wedding festivites. (yes, it needs ironing - for that she has to buy an ironing board). Sewing without one was a handicap but she says she's going to make some clothes so it will get used.
She was patient with the multiple fittings and I enjoyed spending the day with her. It reminded me of my mother sewing for me and I send appologies heavenward for all the times I wouldn't stand still. My mother loved to sew for little girls and I'm glad she passed that on to me. When Ashley & I went to lunch we stopped by a children's boutique, Zoe & Jack's. They had lots of adorable clothes with precious prices to boot. It made me excited that I'll soon have my own little munchkin to make things for.
While this dress turned out well it took LOTS of adjusting. I would NOT recommend Simplicity pattern 2926. First there is the general frustration of pattern sizing which needs a major overhaul. We cut it according to Ashley's body measurments but while there was no room to spare around the bust, every thing else had to be majorly adjusted downward. The proportions of the dress pictured on the pattern envelope is misleading. In the picture it looks like the band is at the waist when in fact it is empire.
Now back to Project #1.

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Ashley said...

Thanks Mom! I know I'll get lots of compliments on Saturday, and everyone will be jealous that I have such an awesome and talented mom. xoxo