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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

COOL Escape

It's hard getting back in the groove after last week's escape to the mountains of New Mexico. Hopefully I'll get busy finishing up a few straggler projects and use my new inspirations soon.
Karl & I have traveled to New Mexico for about 25 years but this trip was different. For one thing it was COOL, in the 40's at night and 70's during the day. That was FABULOUS!
Before we've mostly gone to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos. This was our first time camping in the state and there's a learning curve involved when moving a herd of cats, oh, I mean friends - 3 vehicles, 2 camper trailers, 6 adults, a 14 month old boy, and one spoiled dog - from here to there and around. I'd found Coyote Creek State Park on-line. It's in the Mora Valley, an area new to us and off the "beaten path". I forgot to take into consideration traveling times "around the mountains" so that's another reason we didn't get to all the places I love. It was especially hard for me not to get into Santa Fe. I guess I have an excuse for a "next time" sooner than usual, maybe a girlfriends trip late in the fall?
There were excurions and adventures. Here I'm on the bridge over the Rio Grand River outside of Taos. I like that it reminds me of how I fit into the BIG picture. I don't know the name of the river I was standing in above. It was taken the day we went "chasing" fish around the north east corner of the state.
A big adventure for some was seeing a herd of elk when they (the people) drove back from Angel Fire at dusk. Kathy & I missed that one by staying at camp to relax, crochet and knit, start dinner, and enjoy wine.
Another day Justin watched beavers cutting trees from under the creek bank while he caught trout. Those fish became our delicious dinner eaten by the fire under millions of stars. Reminder to self: "You don't buy that in the city" (and if you did you'd have to get dressed up and that's a different story). Some of our excitement happened right at the camp ground. A bear broke out a car window (not ours) to get a cake. That put everyone on alert, especially me, as walking in the woods and along the creek taking pictures was one of my favorite pass times. I had been hoping for good crow shots but they weren't around. The birds I did see weren't camera friendly (aka too fast for my limited skills) so I relaxed and simply enjoyed them, especially hummingbirds who were regular entertainment thanks to feeders hung by neighboring campers.
Some day I'll get the crow shots. Some day I'll get back to Santa Fe to explore the galleries. In the meantime, I'm counting my blessings & saying thank you for friends, fun, brilliant stars, beautiful flowers, and coolness.


Ashley said...

Sounds wonderful!

Connie said...

Wish you & Frank had been with us. With the humidity today, I told Dad I was going to Colorado with you next week.