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Friday, October 16, 2009

Old Friends and New Adventures

The first image above is a 32,000 piece "Friendship Quilt" from Pittsburg at the Houston Quilt Show. I hope I don't get in trouble for showing it (copyrights and all). We were in Houston last weekend for 2 funerals and I had a few minutes to go to the show and market on Sat. This installation gave me pause to think of the importance of friends and relations. Would we behave better if we all put our name on squares of fabric and joined them with our neighbors to decorate our world? It seems that it's worth a try.

I was able to do the VERY fast run through thanks to my friend Heidi Pridemore. She is a fabulous designer and has a new book coming out soon. I am very proud to be her friend and appreciate her generous spirit and our shared memories of the lady who introduced us, Mary Kortemeyer. We both feel a debt of gratitude to Mary for the impact she had on our lives.

Monday Lu and Michelle braved the rain to come over and sit and sew. It was a treat I very much needed; aren't friends great? Monday evening Karl, Ashley, Frank and I got to see our long time friends, April & Ronnie Baxter. April is living her dream as a horse woman and it was fun watching her compete with her horse Tia at the National Andalucian show in Ft. Worth. The last few years we've only seen them once a year as they are Texans who live in Kentucky now. We hope to get together more often in 2010. We're heading out on new adventures a bit ahead of schedule as an opportunity presented its self and we jumped onto the rv bandwagon. This is something Karl has talked about for a long time and I'm along for the ride.

We left home on Thurs. for the maiden voyage in the new (to us) RV. First we went to Midland. I thought we were heading further west but plans changed as they so often do. Last night and tonight we're in Austin. It's an ongoing project for me to be more flexible. My disappointment is tempered by time with Karlie and seeing Elle, our beautiful little niece from Mexico City.

Finally, Happy Anniversary to Ashley & Frank. If you look at her blog you can see some of mine and her creations from 2004. Her wedding dress was one of my finest creations and it was a beautiful and happy day. The sun has come out and I'm hoping for a good weekend.


Ashley said...

I thought Karlie was spelled with ie? Now you got me confused. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Connie said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I'm the one confused.