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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Karl and I got into the spirit last night for the next door neighbor's party. It was fun to see all the little & big kid costumes. Not many recognized my character (Frida) but crazy gypsy lady worked. Tonight has been quiet as just about the whole neighborhood was out last night for the fun. We're definitely "the old folks" as most houses have sold to younger families in the last few years. Maybe they'll have friends who will want our house when the time comes (in the not too distant future I hope).
The weather was beautiful today so I took advantage and got some dyeing done and hung out to dry. I'm trying to work steadily for the sale with Ashley in Dec. It's hard to believe that Oct. is gone.
We've had the wettest Oct. on record according to the weatherman this evening and 14+ inches of rain for Sept. and Oct. That after a horribly hot summer. I'm definitely ready for sunshine and cool temps that are promised for the week ahead.
One good thing about all the rain is that we get a bit of late season color before every thing goes brown and bare. I spotted this thistle early yesterday and on closer inspection the bee seemed someone stymied by the cold as he didn't immediately fly away.

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Ashley said...

Love the costumes! You should dig up the dung beetle pictures.