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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's About Time

I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of fiber art friends who I meet with once a month. For me this has been an incredible growth experience since we started last year. That's not to mention the laughs, nurturing and fantastic food. It is always a highlight of my month.

Back in the summer someone (I plead the 5th) suggested that we do a book round robin and after lots of discussion and laying out of guidelines, we're off and running. Actually, everyone else got a head start on me as I missed the first pass along date while I was down in Austin in my Grammy roll. Now I am catching up.

My book is in a box , portfolio style, as an homage to the earliest books. My page pictured above has scraps of threads to represent fragments of memories and rusty metal as a reminder of the effect of nature on what man has created. The cloud photo was made at Desert View Tower on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I can't imagine how any one could be in that place and not feel a sense of awe while pondering time beyond human understanding.
My title "It's About Time" comes from a phrase I often say to myself as a sort of admonishment or Ah ha - as in "you finally get it". I am at a point in life where I have many more ideas than I will ever have time to create. I am thankful for that - heaven forbid running out of ideas. I remind myself daily to use my time wisely. The reminders don't always work but I keep trying and my goal is that of Erma Bombeck to say in the end, "I used up every thing you gave me".
Time can have many different meanings for different people and I look forward to seeing each interpretation when this book comes back to me in early 2010. It will be fun & exciting to see what everyone does with each theme. I know this group will use the time well.
On a different note, we learned last night of the unexpected passing of a family member. He was a father, grandfather, uncle and friend. In an instant a life ends. Everyone left behind is changed.
Make every minute count.

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