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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

After a storm during the night and early morning we had a beautiful Easter afternoon. It seems very right that Easter, the celebration of rebirth and new beginning comes at this lovliest time of year.

After everyone left today I walked around the house to enjoy the blooms and a bit of quiet. This yellow rose reminds me of Mother and the flowers we had when she and Dad celebrated their 50th anniversary. There's a red one that Dad rooted from a cutting that was one of the first things we planted when we moved here. I need to start making my own cuttings so I can take some of these with me when we downsize.

This evening I did some reading and worked on editing in PS Elements. I posted New Orleans pictures in Flickr even though not all are edited as I'd like. I have lots to learn. Susie Monday's blog post about new beginnings is especially good. She regularly writes things to cause me to think. That's good. I can't remember if I've mentioned my latest book read, "Three Cups of Tea". I highly recommend it. Yesterday Elliott's friend Adam was here and we got to hear a little about his 7 months traveling in India, the Middle East, and Asia. He met many wonderful people and saw incredible sights. I wish we could all have experiences of being open to new and different people and places. How can we ever grow if we're closed and frightened?

HOPE is such a wonderful promise to celebrate. After being in New Orleans last week and this week's news of loss, death, and destruction I feel even more strongly that while we HOPE for good we all have to WORK to make it happen. There's an Easter Promise and Challenge.
We had a great time and good food yesterday as we gathered to celebrate with friends and family. Karl's birthday goes on and on. He says they get to last longer the older you get. Having the kids all together was especially fun. I'm excited to think ahead to Natalie Rose joining family festivities in Aug. We found out Thurs. that baby Akers Perez is a girl. Oh what fun sewing projects I see in my future!
Here's Karl practicing his grandparenting skills with a couple of his favorite little people. I'm betting he'll be really good at it.

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