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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day & Noisy Nature

This is one of my favorite flowers. It is small but loud in it's demands for attention. We need to be that way some time. It's interesting to me that Earth Day has become so mainstream, even Sunchips has gotten on board with grants to green your community. I remember when this idea was considered "lefty lunatic fringe". I know there are still some who feel that way but like civil rights, women's rights, gay rights and justice I want to believe that good sense, good will and reason will prevail. I feel good that I've been part of raising a more aware generation. As Children's Ministry Coordinator, I put earth friendly programs in place at our church in the early '80's. I got more resistance and criticism than positive response. Now I feel hopeful that we getting wiser and kinder in how we treat our earth and each other.

My current dilemma is how to be friendly to this little guy and his mate, (don't really know which is which, mom/dad). They are both REALLY noisy and mad. They are building a nest in a little bird house on the front porch. The painters started prep work yesterday and will be there for a couple of days. Do I move the house to under a nearby tree or do we just listen to them fuss until ceiling, windows, and door are painted? Lots of people have been using bird images in art lately and I'm thinking these guys might get into mine.

Ashley blogged about Fiesta Art Show. I'm glad her Dad and I were able to help. I love my new ring and earrings which she gifted to me. She traded with Heather Carlson and got this great lamp which will live at our house for a while as Karl really liked it. Thanks A!
My experience of the show was being overwhelmed by the quality of the work shown and how well the school treats the artists. The Southwest School of Arts & Crafts is definitely a topnotch place. It's worth a visit any time. I wish I was close enough to take classes as they have great offerings.

I came home inspired by Jane Bishops work so I did a bit of dyeing yesterday toward making spring-summer clothing. These will be earth friendly as some of the fabrics are recycled.

I hope everyone takes a few minutes today to appreciate the beauty of the world and think of how to make it better. It's the only one we have in this lifetime.

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