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Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Trip

Karl & I ran away to New Orleans last weekend to celebrate his significant birthday. Here he is on Monday, the big day, enjoying the required treat at Cafe de Monde. They must use a ton of powdered sugar a day. NOLA is definitely NOT diet city. Food was a big part of the weekend and we were so busy enjoying it I didn't get pics of other offerings - all very yummy. My favorite was the 1/2 soft shell crab we added to our first dinner of shrimp and oysters. I wanted more of that tasty treat but didn't get them this trip. We definitely recommend the Gumbo Shop for tasty Cajun fair.
Does anyone know what this bloom is? It's on a sizable tree, very lovely, and leaves an interesting seed pod that was too delicate to transport home. I got lots of pictures for art inspiration - plants, buildings, ironwork, musicians, Pirate parade, and street design (manhole covers, etc). I intended to organize these on my newly installed version of Photoshop Elements but have had computer issues as well as general distractions for most of the week.
The French Quarter and Garden District were lovely. We did see lingering evidence of Katrina in boarded up homes and piles of rubble, especially on the north and east sides of town. The people were extraordinarily appreciative that tourists are coming back and the southern hospitality was exceptional.
Jackson Square is the Heart of the city and the Cathedral is beautiful. Karl stepped in a hole and twisted his foot on Sunday afternoon so we moved slowly for the rest of the trip. Thankfully there were lots of benches and music & art to enjoy all around. Monday morning he dropped me at the entrance of Saint Louis Cementery, the oldest in the city.
This example of iron work was from a 200 year old broken gate around one of the raised tombs. I got to listen to a guide tell a bit of the story of Marie LeBeaux, Voodoo Priestess; very interesting. She and her daughter (same name & similar appearance) had a real knack for marketing. Today we're expecting Elliott & Celeste from Austin. Tomorrow we'll have a gathering of family and friends to celebrate birthdays and Easter. I wish everyone the blessings of the season.


Sue Reno said...

The flowering tree is a tulip poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera, one of my personal favorites. Looks like you are having a great trip!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

NOLA - the first time we visited the bell hop told us on our way up in the elevator "Expect to gain 5 pounds while you are here for the week!"
It happened.
Oh, the memories of the wonderful food you are reminding me of.