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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Very Happy Day

I returned from California Wed. evening and got 2 days to catch up at home (you know the routine - laundry, mail & bills, groceries, more laundry). Next order of business was putting on my decorator hat.

I was dubbed "decorating sheriff" as I gave out directions yesterday to the fab crew of family & friends charged with turning the bride's ideas into floral fantasy extraordinaire.

Today it all came together as we celebrated the marriage of Robin Phillips & Chase Johnson.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and spirits to match. The whole event was a wonderful expression of  love & friendship, theirs for each other and many around them.  If the marriage is as beautiful as the wedding they will be truly blessed.

My camera wasn't working but Karl did get this shot with my iphone.  I'll post pictures soon from Ashley of the decorations and, Oh My Gosh, Dee's fabulous desserts. I'm a convert to Rubbarb Strawberry pie.

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Robin said...

you are perfection, my lady! thank you for being my sheriff!