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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blessings & Thanksgiving

I have no art to show as I unexpectedly stayed in Austin this week.  Dad & Poppy went hunting over the weekend so Grammy stayed with Karlie & Mommy.  It didn't make sense to drive home to Argyle Mon. & then back to Austin today for Thanksgiving.  
I stayed and mostly played with a little bit of sewing for Ms. K and some handwork for the Dec. sale.  Mostly I just can just be with her and watch in amazement at how much she's learned in 3 weeks since I saw her last.  Having all this fun means really getting down to work when I go back home but it's worth every minute.
 It has been "unseasonably" warm in Austin this week.  I put that in quotation marks as in Texas you never know what to expect from day to day.  It's supposed to cool off tomorrow. We spent Monday afternoon at Barton Creek and Karlie didn't hesitate to go for a swim.  
The Red Lips show how much she loved sharing a snowcone with Mommy.  Other fav activities were swinging, hide & seek and chasing birds.
The Austin Children's Musuem has an hour for "Under 4's" on Sat. morning so Karlie & I went while Mommy was at sewing class.  Mommy made a really cute skirt for herself and plans to do one for little miss.  I guess being in a sewing family is rubbing off.  I can't wait to teach Karlie too.  In the meantime, she's mastering sign language and knows who to ask for snacks.  She's sweet to share as a guarantee of pulling on heart strings.  
For this week & all my many Blessings I am Thankful.  We will be with about 25 family and friends at Mitra & Marcus'; my heart goes out to those who are far from home such as our military and say a prayer for their safety.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe.  

We will stay the weekend at the San Marcos property.  If you're in the area stop by Sleeping Dog Studio Holiday Sale.  Ashley will be there with her jewelry.  

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