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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Start

This is a tiny peak at the first new work since I signed on to blog about process.  It is the beginning of the third collaboration between Lu Peters and me.  We started last Friday meeting for lunch to brainstorm and pick thru a box of fabrics, many of which I had dyed or otherwise altered.  This afternoon she came up to audtion more and get the sewing started.  Some of the fabrics we're considering are "left overs & outs" from our last piece but really there's a major jump in color & theme.  

The deep purple is discharged and every thing else so far "circles around" it.  There is a feeling of x-ray or shroud about this fabric. I think that's often true of discharged fabrics and have heard others make similar observations.  Our idea and working title is developing from here. 

It is a very intersting process to work with someone who has a very different approach to design and sewing.  Friends who know Lu and I have asked how we do it.  We agree that it is amazingly effortless.  Being good friends helps I'm sure and we seem to bring good energy, balance and flow to the whole process.  It's invigorationg for both of us and we're jumping into this one while I can take a bit of a break from the moving prep duties.  I'm excited that's she's coming back tomorrow and have some work to do tonight.  I'll give updates as we move along.   

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Suzanne said...

Wish I could be there to absorb some of the wonderful creative energy that both of you have! Hope you have time to share lots about how you guys put this together! Hugs!