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Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Week

It's been a good 3 days and Lu took the finished top home this afternoon to start  quilting.  This is small section with a silk that I shiboried some time ago.  I pulled it out of the drawer and it was "just right" for what we are saying.  We're both super excited about how this all came together and we've come up with several more ideas individually and together.  Hey, there might even be a series,  "Yours, Mine, and Ours".   I'm not sure when we'll show the whole piece.  It feels rather fragile right now.  We will be passing it back and forth to quilt as Lu is the master of precision grid work and I do the crazy stuff.  

Speaking of crazy..... I was always the odd child so I perked up this morning reading an article in the July/Aug. issue of "Whole Living".  In "The Perfect Brainstorm" Frances Lefkowitz puts into words something I have long experienced. She talks about the need to have something to obsess about and quotes Eric Maisel, who makes the case for lossing ourselves in big ideas.  As the child who was scolded for day dreaming and lauligagging I appreciate Maisel  saying, "Almost nothing beautiful or brilliant happens unless a person has thought about it a lot".  There are even tips on how to be Obsessive-Propulsive". 

So how long did someone obsess to develop a smart phone?  Only a few years ago, who would have thought of people taking pictures of dinner with their phone.  I don't remember if I've mentioned that I've joined the "i cult".  This move was percipitated by the only signal on the property seeming to be ATT.  The gadget has so many addictive features that it should probably be banned in Boston & Brooklyn & all points west, at least for some number of hours of the day.  It is definitely a life changer and I hope time saver (haha).  I am in learning mode and pick up a few new things every day.  Any one want to play scrabble? 

Our weekend plans of major work outside probably won't come to fruition as it's rained every day this week and more is forecast for the next 2 - VERY unusual for Texas in July. While the delay in getting the house ready for market is problematic I really can't fuss too much, without the clouds and rain it would be over 100 and that is definitely not fun.  Oh well, there's still plenty to do.  Hope everyone finds some time to have a happily obsessive weekend.

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