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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Throwing in a bit of Creativity

The packing continues.  We've got our fingers crossed that friends of Ashley's may buy the house.  If that doesn't happen, the goal is to get it on the market by the 15th.  Toward that we're loading up a box trailer to get lots of stuff to storage in Wimberley.  We're hoping the storm (Hurricane Alex) doesn't stay over central Texas this weekend.  Space bags are handy for linens & such and this one even gives me an idea for a quilt design of crazy stripes. 

I have gotten in a few creative moments.  Ashley taught a couple of friends and me dyeing wool with Koolaid.  There are other brands too, giving a great assortment of colors.  The smell is a bonus, as is the ease & safety.  It can be done in the kitchen microwave.  Only the green & varigated are mine but I wanted to show all the variety you can get. 

The afgan and hat I finished last week.  It is crocheted of yummy organic cotton which Elliott picked out.  It is a gift from E,C,&K to friends' new daughter.  I enjoyed doing it, especially the hat.  I'll have to make Karlie one soon. 

The best fun we've had lately was this past weekend when we babysat Karlie for most of 3 days (she was home with Mommy & Daddy at night).  M&D had a weekend reunion of old friends and spent the days on the lake and river.  Friday was the first time Karlie has been out without her parents and it was a fun time of shopping and lunch.  She's very sociable and a joy to watch and snuggle.

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