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Friday, November 20, 2009

Least any one thinks I'm slacking......

I've realized again lately that production work is not as fun as making art pieces but I'm trying to stay busy getting ready for the Dec. sale. That means there hasn't been much art to show.

Wed. I took a break For Studio group to come here. I didn't have a great project planned but my lentil soup was pretty popular. We did our usual show and tell (Deborah was the star of the day) and then I had the fabric, paints, stencils, and stamps out for any who wanted to play. I tried an Indigo Junction ginkgo stencil on the piece above. This is one of my new scarves but it's not going to the sale. The colors really suit me too well. Below is a box of finished items, mostly small bags and dyed scarves. I'm working now on my scrap scarves and I'll take pictures of those soon.
If you're in the Austin area the sale I'm working toward is Cherrywood Art Fair, Dec. 12 & 13. Please come out and do your holiday shopping with Ashley, me and the 78 other artists.


Gerrie said...

Beautiful stuff!!

Ashley said...

You have been busy! I am doing embroidery today for my buttons. Some of those embroidery threads have Granny's handwriting on them!