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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday and it's about time.....

........to get back to work. It was 2 weeks ago today that I left home. I got back late Sunday and spent yesterday with typical post travel catch up. We had a great Thankgiving weekend in Austin. The big day was shared with 25 friends and family at the Boddens and they were wonderful hosts. We were too busy having a great time to get many pictures but of course, I got a shot of Karlie in her darling brown velvet outfit.

The rest of the weekend we chilled out in the rv at McKinney Falls State Park. Some of the chill was literal as we had some electricity issues (we're still in "learning mode"). Sat. we went to the Eye of the Dog Art Center for their holiday sale and Karl & Phil resumed their conversation about extended travels and a base camp in the central Texas area. We're set to explore some options after Christmas.

Early on Sunday after Thanksgiving I flew off to Colorado with Elliott, Celeste, & Karlie. Most of the time I stayed inside with Karlie while Mom & Dad hit the mountains with friends. When not rocking & snuggling, I got a good bit of crocheting done, making small stuff for Cherrywood Art Fair this weekend. I flew back to Austin on Friday to help Ashley at the art sale at Laguna Gloria and must have brought the cold (and snow) with me. It was pretty quiet as the sale was outside and lots of people stayed in.

I hope Cherrywood has better attendance and we will be inside. Please come out if you're in the Austin area. I've got LOTS to finish before leaving on Friday. I should say there are lots of things started and I'll finish as much as I can. Lu & Michelle volunteered to come help tomorrow and I welcomed the offer. Aren't friends wonderful?

Before the holiday, I went to see Susan Lenz's "Blues Chapel" at the Greater Denton Art Center. The show is wonderful and I had the added pleasure of hearing Susan speak about the development of her work and share her newest series, the grave rubbing quilts. I wish more people had been there as she is a generous and inspiring speaker. I definitely encourage everyone in the Denton, Dallas-Ft. Worth area to see the show before it leaves Jan. 6th. If you're not in this area contact Susan about it coming to a gallery near you. This is a portion of one of the stainglass windows she created in cloth. She has much better photos of the installation on her blog but again, you really SHOULD see it in person.

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Susan Lenz said...

Thanks so very, very much for your kind words. Meeting you was one of the highlights of the trip! I mean that truly and sincerely. Any time I am in the company of like-minded fiber artists, it is a really, really GOOD day. For me, going to Texas and sharing Blues Chapel was one GOOD day after another!