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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After the tangle.....

As I mentioned last night, I went off yesterday to teach a workshop in Ft. Worth. It was for elementary art teachers in Ft. Worth ISD and it's a group I worked with over the years I was an art consultant with Sax Arts & Crafts.

It's been a while since I was up and on the road with the commuters and it's gotten MUCH worse than I remembered or allowed for. As I sat mostly still for periods of time I tried to find design where I was...line, shape, repetition. AND I am VEry thankful that I don't do this every morning.

Arriving only a few minutes behind schedule, I jumped into the day. Of course, there were a few tangles as the teachers selected and measured off their yarns. I was energized and inspired by the their willingness to try new things (for most) and help each others (veteran crocheters). I'm sorry I didn't get names here but it was a whirlwind day as the groups changed every hour. These are a few of the creations done at the end of the day. Pretty cool after less than an hour of instructions. If you know a teacher tell them how much you appreciate the work they do. It's pretty heroic and I'm glad to be reminded of that.

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Sara Lechner said...

I love the necklaces! thank you for your wishes for your comment too!